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Happy Hippie magic bags, 3lb bags with manure, Dual Injection

Happy Hippie magic bags, 3lb bags with manure, Dual Injection

3 LB All in One MUSHROOM GROWING. Substrate + Grain Sterilized.. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Happy Hippie magic bags, are for the dung loving mushrooms, 2 injection ports to speed up colonization of the mycelium. You can expect under 4 weeks colonization times with these bags, these bags are the sh*t, not to be confused with the wood lovers 😉  The bag shown in the pictures was finished in 4 weeks. Each order comes with 1 spray bottle there are more available for purchase if needed. ## New now made with 20% more grains, two types. ##

Great for growing all types of cubensis, psilocybe,psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms, Magic mushroom grow kit. psychedelic


* does not come with syringe, message me if you need one I can direct you to a supplier.


Directions for use




1. Wipe down syringe tip with alcohol wipe.


2. Take off cap and place needle on the syringe.


3. Flame sterilize needle.


4. Wipe down bag, and needle with alcohol wipe.


5. Inject from 1cc to 5cc of liquid culture or spores into bag, place sticker where injected.


6. Repeat steps 3-5 for second injection port.


7. Wait 2 weeks until partially colonized, crush bag mix substrate, wait another 2 weeks or until fully colonized, and put into fruiting conditions.


Disclaimer notice -

These kits DO NOT contain psilocybin mushroom spores, or mycelium. Not intended for illegal use. If you want to talk mushrooms, that's fine. We do not, under any circumstance, discuss the cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms.


Any mention of “ magic mushrooms" on your part will immediately result in the termination of all communication. We do not accept any liability for any of your actions upon buying this kit.

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