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Self-sealing Sterilization pouch 3.5" x10 " (90mm x 260mm) 5pk

Self-sealing Sterilization pouch 3.5" x10 " (90mm x 260mm) 5pk

Use the Mondo Medical Sterilization Bags Dental Sterilization Pouches to sanitize and organize your tools. 3.5 by 10-inch sterilizing pouch fits cotton swabs, cutters, picks, manicure and microblading tools, and tattoo equipment easily and features a transparent film so you can see what you are storing in each package. Perforated folding line, adhesive seal, and sterilization indicators make these auto clave bags easy to use, while the medical sterilization paper and laminate film make these instrument sterilization pouches perfect for steam and Ethylene Oxide (ETO) sterilizer machines. Not designed for use with dry heat sterilizer machine. Store sterilizing pouches in dry, clean, and dark-light places. 

Create Sterilized Procedure Instrument Tool Kits
Sort instruments by what is needed for specific procedures, creating Procedure Instrument Tool Kits, then place the procedure specific groups of instruments into the self sealing sterilization pouches and sterilize. The clear blue laminate makes it easy to view the contents of each pouch.

Store Sterilized Instruments in Sterilization Pouches
Once sterilization processing is complete, leave instruments inside of the sterilization pouches and organize in a drawer or on shelves, according to procedure. Instruments remain sterilized until seal is broken. Storing sterilized instruments grouped into pouches as Procedure Instrument Tool Kits allows assistants to quickly and efficiently set up for the next patient and ensures all instruments remain sanitized until needed.

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